Bypass firewall at work

Finally you do not have to download any software to bypass firewall at work. Our server will do that for free, but first take a look at the image below to see how it works. us free proxy At fig.1 as you can see when you are trying to reach YouTube or other entertainment website and your request is being rejected by your network firewall (you know that well). Now take a look at fig.2 When you create your request and send it through our Proxy Server your request is now capsulated and hidden behind our server which is not blocked. Your firewall will let the information to pass and you will reach YouTube. Basicly this is how it works. By using our proxy solution you will be able to access any blocked website. Enjoy !

Bypass firewall at school

Nowadays many schools block access to our favorite websites. Of course we are at school to learn, not to visit them but this is somehow limiting our social life and violates our human right to access information. So if you have such problem, please enter the desired URL in the address bar below and unblock it. Our server will change your school IP address to its own and you will be able to browse anything on the web.

Change your IP address :